Wednesday 17th July 2024


When the weather permits these are held outside in the car park.

When the weather does not permit we hold them inside and endeavour  to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid 19 by the following measures.  [These will change as the situation changes]

We keep a record of all attendees for “track and trace” purposes and have hand sanitiser for use on entry to the building and disposable masks for any who need one.

We seat a household or bubble together at it’s own table.  This allows more room for others.  The tables are spaced to  achieve social distancing.

We open the windows/ventilators to ensure good airflow during the service.  We have additional space available should

The tables allow children to stay with their parents/carers and carry out their activities  at  their tables without moving around. The format of the service includes talks, communion [individual cups etc], prayer and music.